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Manufacturing Equipment Fabrication: Cell for Widemouth, Tamper-Evident Plastic Closure

Manufacturing Equipment Fabrication

A client in the plastics industry presented us with a challenge: Create a product whose requirements were beyond any currently available process. The project called for production of manufacturing equipment for a 70 mm wide-mouth tamper-evident plastic closure that would run at 900 cpm. To fulfill this project, we would need the new process to run at double the speed of what was available at the time. We worked with and invented several new patented processes and mechanisms and built the manufacturing cell that would compression mold a wide-mouth shell at 900 cpm, slit and line at 1000 cpm, inspect, and package the caps for shipment.

Re-engineering the process through prototype development and testing, we met all of our customer’s specifications. The process cycle time went from 18 seconds to 3.8 seconds. JB Tool & Die has the experience and the resources to manufacture solutions.

To learn more about this manufacturing cell fabrication project, please see the table below or call us directly.

Manufacturing Equipment Fabrication Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
(Machining, Molding, Welding, etc...)
Heat Treat
Controls Design-Build-Programming
Tightest Tolerance.0002"
Material TypesMachine steels, tool steels,
stainless steel, aluminum, plastics,
Industry for UsePlastic Closure
Standards Met
(Customer Supplied Print, ISO, ASTM, etc...)
Customer Specifications, FDA-GMP
Product NameManufacturing Cell for Widemouth,
Tamper-Evident Plastic Closure
Project ScopeDevelop product from prototype through production process
implementation. Customer requirements beyond any process
in existence at project start.
Design Work
(CAD Modeling, FEA, etc.)
CAD Modeling, FEA, FMEA, High Speed Video,
Thermal Imaging, Concurrent Engineering, Process Development, SPC
Process Description
  • Compression mold Widemouth shell @ 900 cpm
  • Cool product
  • Orient for finishing operations
  • Slit and Line at 1000 cpm
  • Video inspect product
  • Package product for shipment
Project Description
  • Customer presented goal to produce a large diameter closure (70mm)
  • At time of project start, closest available methodology
    capable of 400 cpm on 63mm platform
  • To be able to justify the project and be successful,
    the new process would need to run at over double the current speed
  • Several new processes & mechanisms required
    invention (14 patent applications with 7 awarded)
  • Through prototype development and testing, a 3.8 second
    cycle time was achieved over existing process capability of
    an 18 second cycle time