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Assembly Machine Fabrication for the Power Generation Industry

Assembly Machine Fabrication

We were approached by a customer working in the power generation industry to design a machine that would assemble and package power rectifier components. Our engineers worked closely with the client to design a system that would meet their needs. With their input we completed a machine that would attach the rectifier components to create the base, test for continuity and voltage, and laser etch the assembly, and then package the components for shipping. Final machining and controls integration were done in-house by our expert staff.

JB Tool & Die has over 50 years experience in machining and tool making. Contact us to learn more about this assembly machine fabrication project or see the table below for more details.

Assembly Machine Fabrication Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
(Machining, Molding, Welding, etc...)
Controls Programming and Testing
Industry for UsePower Generation
Standards Met
(Customer Supplied Print, ISO, ASTM, etc...)
Customer Specifications
Product NamePower Rectifier Assembly & Packaging Machine
Project ScopeConcept Design to automate assembly of power rectifier
components and then package assemblies for shipment.
Design Work
(CAD Modeling, FEA, etc.)
CAD Modeling, FEA
Project Description
  • Develop design concept for a machine that will automate the assembly of components of a power rectifier, test the assembly and then package for shipment.
    • Assemble base, wire grommets, heat sink, bus bar, diodes and retaining cap
    • Test for continuity and voltage
    • Laser etch assembly
    • Package for shipment
  • Partner with local project leader
  • Refine process and machine capabilities
  • Shakedown final machine operations