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Custom Fabrication for the Aerospace Industry

Custom Fabrication for the Aerospace Industry

JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc. is a full-service machine shop that can handle manufacturing jobs of all shapes and sizes. When an aerospace industry client came to us with an order for various components, we were easily able to accommodate them. These components required us to use certified materials including titanium, Invar, and Kovar as well as certified procedures. Since this order was wide ranging in scope, we utilized many of our manufacturing capabilities such as turning, machining, EDM, and high-speed milling. A variety of finishes were also required depending on how the component would be used. Even though this project called for a variety of processes, we worked to tolerances of ±.0001″.

To learn more about this aerospace component fabrication project, including product names and a complete list of materials and finishes, please contact us or refer to the table below

Custom Fabrication Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
(Machining, Molding, Welding, etc...)
Turning,Machining,EDM,High Speed Milling, Heat Treating, Welding
Tightest Tolerance+/- .0001"
Material TypesAluminum, Titanium, Stainless Alloys, Invar, Kovar,
Alloy 42, MP35N, Magnesium, Tantalum
Material Finish
(Paint, Plating, Powder Coating, etc...)
Chem Film, Nickel, Chrome, Anodize, Silver, Gold
Industry for UseAerospace
Standards Met
(Customer Supplied Print, ISO, ASTM, etc...)
Customer Supplied Print
Product NamesFlexures, Vibration Test Fixtures, Filter Holders,
Shields, Housings, Specialty Brackets, Mounts, Lens Holders
Project ScopeManufacture components from customer supplied
drawings and certified materials