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Custom CNC Milling of Tool Steel

Custom CNC Milling of Tool Steel

Among die and mold manufacturers, high-speed milling of hardened tool steel is one of the most important technologies. At JB Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc. we know how important it is and have the skill and experience to tackle the most complicated high-speed CNC milling projects. With this in mind, a plastics industry client came to JB Tool & Die for a core pin constructed from 440C stainless that would be used in the making of plastic closures.

Our design team created a CAD model as the basis for the manufacture of this forming pin. The process included CNC turning and machining, heat treatment and high-speed milling. We finished the 28 mm forming pin by polishing to a surface finish of 4 micro. The finished product measured 1-1/8″ diameter and we worked within tolerances of ± .0002″.

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Hardened Tool Steel Forming Pin Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
(Machining, Molding, Welding, etc...)
CNC Turning & Machining
Heat Treatment
High Speed Milling
Tightest Tolerance+/- .0002"
Material Type440C Stainless Steel
Product Diameter1 1/8"
Secondary Operations Applied:Passivation
Industry for UsePlastic Closure
Product Name28mm Core/Forming Pin
Design Work
(CAD Modeling, FEA, etc.)
CAD Modeling